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Legal information services provides These services will contribute directly to increased productivity and provide the customer with the latest flexible solution. The various systems must be simpleto install, modify, add to, relocate and manage.

Our Services

Consultation - Castledex will analyse your records management requirements, prepare a plan of action and then assemble a team to implement the solution for you.

Conversion - Electronic Filing - This service offers digital archiving by imaging and indexing of documents. Offsite Storage - Store your semi active and archival documentation securely for easy access and cost efficiency.


What our “Records Management Systems” can do for your company

• Manage both paper and electronic files with one interface
• Streamline your office and lower your stress level
• Allow you to easily share information in your office (network edition)

• Transform your files into a valuable, instantly-retrievable resource
• Eliminate duplication of information
• Assure fast reaction to audits or other legal actions
• Reduce disruption from employee turnover which allows you to be more responsive to your customers.


Managing, locating and searching statutoy document archives can be cumbersome.
LIS offers a unique document management solution:

Documents are digitised, indexed and integrated into an archive system providing easy access and searchability via an organogram and index menu system.

LIS offers statutory document management solutions. Read More>>

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