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As an appointed CIPRO agent, LIS specialises in the formation and registration of private and public companies, close corporations, associations not for gain and the sale of shelf entities to facilitate this process.  We furthermore assist clients to discharge their fiduciary duties as directors by ensuring their compliance with the statutory requirements for corporates.

In conjunction with TLi Incorporated Attorneys, LIS is furthermore in a position to provide clients with professional advice and assistance in specialist areas such as commercial agreements and corporate structuring.

Theunis Leibenberg-
Theunis Liebenberg began his career as a commercial state prosecutor in 1989 while
completing his LL.B. degree. After his articles and gaining general litigation experience as
an attorney, he effectively entered the corporate world as a group legal advisor at the
Group Legal Services Department of a big Financial Institution.  He started his own
Practice in 1995 and in 1996 he obtained a diploma in Tax Practice from the Rand
Afrikaans University which has equipped him with the knowledge of tax required to do
proper estate planning and commercial structuring.

Estate planning forms the foundation for all or any commercial structuring and accordingly this department is well equipped with various tax planning structures and techniques to get the job done. As a result of the fact that Theunis does commercial legal work for medium and large businesses, he advises many clients on matters such as acquisitions and mergers, estate planning, liquidations and restructuring where his innovative application of         Company, Tax, Insolvency and Property Law gives clients an edge.

Theunis has been and still is involved in various BEE structurings and has successfully
enabled various clients to form joint venture BEE companies to successfully expand and
grow their businesses to become leaders in their various fields.  In addition to the
aforementioned, Theunis also specializes in property law work and is assisting colleagues
in the successful implementation and structuring of the property law aspects of estate
planning for their clients.

Theunis works closely with a team of attorneys, candidate attorneys and assistants to provide hands on effective corporate law services at a competitive rate.

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